Digital Grocer Podcast

Mercatus Radio – Interview with Barclays on “Dissecting the Instacart Addiction”

July 8, 2019

On this episode, we're joined by Karen Short from Barclays Investment Bank to discuss her team's research findings on the strong affinity shoppers have with Instacart and how that impacts grocery retailers' strategic business interests.

In one example, when asked whether she felt that Instacart is a strategic fit for retailers or not, Karen comments: "More importantly, it was an instant solution, but longer term, the bigger and bigger Instacart gets, the less control you as a retailer have. And so you lose the control with the customer, you lose the customer data, or at a best case scenario, you're just sharing the data, but Instacart has data."

Tune-in to this latest episode to hear more about the findings from the Barclays report. For a copy of the report, contact Karen Short directly at [email protected]