Digital Grocer Podcast

Mercatus Radio - Interview with Markus Stripf, co-CEO of Spoon Guru

November 9, 2018

From the 2018 Groceryshop conference floor, Sylvain Perrier is joined by Markus Stripf, co-CEO of Spoon Guru to talk about the incredible work his company is doing in the field of nutrition. Through a unique combination of AI, machine learning and nutritional expertise, Spoon Guru enables customers to find products tailored to their dietary preferences. 

Markus Stripf tells the story of the evolution of Spoon Guru, beginning with he and his wife struggling to decipher the ingredient labels on foods at the grocery store. He cites a report by Nielsen where, 64% of respondents across the world said their diet had some food or ingredient restrictions. Consumers needed better resources to navigate dietary preferences. Markus  explains the need for a solution like Spoon Guru: “Consumers want personalized, tailored food choices, they want accuracy, transparency and choice”. 

A recent study conducted to evaluate the accuracy of Spoon Guru’s AI showed it has a 99.3% accuracy when suggesting food to people with nut allergies- a higher rate than that of a healthcare professional. Markus discusses how Spoon Guru’s technology can be used not just for consumers, but also as a helpful tool for healthcare professionals. 

We’re excited to watch Spoon Guru continue to grow and to make positive impacts on the food nutrition industry for consumer, healthcare professional and companies alike.